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Our general aviation customers want guaranteed performance and unmatched reliability. Their engine of choice for peace of mind? The PT6™ turboprop engine. With 430+ million flying hours – more flying time than any other engine in the market – the PT6 is a proven engine and the most prolific in the segment. With 60 years of innovation and counting, the PT6 engine demonstrates proven dependability when it comes to delivering critical cargo.

PT6 Turboprop Engine Launch


A now legendary engine, the PT6 engine celebrates its 60th anniversary this year. The original PT6 engineering team decided to start with a 500 shaft horsepower engine appropriate for small aircraft. Critics found the decision counterintuitive because at that time piston engines ruled the small-aircraft aviation world. But it turned out to be a bold and brilliant choice that directly contributed to the engine's enduring success. In December 1963, Pratt & Whitney Canada shipped the first PT6 production engine, the PT6A-6, to Beech Aircraft Company for its Beech 87, which later became the King Air.

The PT6 engine is now the engine of choice for operators in the general aviation market, and has the most flying hours of any engine in the market.

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First PT6A-34AG Engine


In the 1980s, P&WC began converting piston-powered agricultural aircraft to PT6A power immediately increasing aircraft productivity by 60%. We would go on to develop eight PT6A engine models specifically for the ag market.

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PT6 E-Series™ Engine Launch


The PT6 E-Series engine was the first turboprop engine in general aviation to offer a dual-channel integrated electronic propeller and engine control system.

The PT6 E-Series engine offers other groundbreaking advantages:

  • A power increase of up to 10%  due to the latest generation of turbine materials and design providing quicker climb and greater speed.
  • Digital connectivity which monitors more than 100 engine parameters related to efficiency, performance, and health, enabling predictive analytics and proactive, personalized support.
  • An enhanced service experience with simplified maintenance, increased availability, and a new and improved Eagle Service™ Plan.
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Hybrid Electric Demonstrator Program


Pratt & Whitney Canada begins development of a hybrid electric flight demonstrator in partnership with Collins Aerospace. The demonstrator targets a 30% improvement in fuel efficiency, a key part of the company’s roadmap for enabling more sustainable aviation, with the potential to enhance efficiency across many future aircraft applications.

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