Revolutionary Aircraft

Revolutionary Aircraft
The 2010s: Fresh industry firsts, powering a whole new generation of business jets, and more.

APS5000 Enters Into Service


The APS5000, developed specifically for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, entered into service as the first all-electric auxiliary power unit (APU) for large commercial aircraft. It is the quietest-operating and lowest-emitting APU in its class.

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PT6C-67A Engine Receives Transport Canada Type Certification


This major milestone for the PT6C-67A engine enabled it to be used on the BA609 (now AW609) commercial tiltrotor. This aircraft was designed to operate vertically, horizontally, and anywhere in between. It was the world’s first commercially available tiltrotor aircraft.

The tiltrotor combines the speed, comfort, and impressive altitude of a turboprop aircraft with the vertical takeoff and landing abilities of a helicopter.

In 2023, Pilots from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) flew the Leonardo AW609 tiltrotor representing the first time the regulator’s pilots had flown the type, as it moves towards the final stage of certification testing activity.

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PW800 Engine Enters Into Service


Since entering into service, the PW800 has been powering a new generation of business jets. The PW800 engine delivers the best overall performance, with double-digit improvements in fuel burn, environmental emissions, and engine noise, thanks to its optimized bypass ratio and an impressive menu of new technologies. The PW800 engine family currently powers Gulfstream Aerospace Corp.’s G500 and G600 aircraft and was selected for its G400 business jet with a planned entry into service in 2025. Dassault Aviation also selected the PW800 engine to power its Falcon 6X ultra widebody jet scheduled to enter service in 2023.

The PW800 engine set the stage for a new era of advanced turbofan engines. Every aspect of the PurePower PW800 engine was designed with people, performance, and customer service in mind. The engine established a new benchmark for passenger experience by ensuring an exceptionally quiet cabin. The robust powerplant design also ensures best-in-class availability and provides maximum peace of mind to owners, operators, pilots, and passengers alike, with 99.99% dispatch reliability.

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PT6 E-Series™ Engine Launch


The PT6 E-Series engine was the first turboprop engine in general aviation to offer a dual-channel integrated electronic propeller and engine control system.

The PT6 E-Series engine offers other groundbreaking advantages:

  • A power increase of up to 10%  due to the latest generation of turbine materials and design providing quicker climb and greater speed.
  • Digital connectivity which monitors more than 100 engine parameters related to efficiency, performance, and health, enabling predictive analytics and proactive, personalized support.
  • An enhanced service experience with simplified maintenance, increased availability, and a new and improved Eagle Service™ Plan.
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Hybrid Electric Demonstrator Program


Pratt & Whitney Canada begins development of a hybrid electric flight demonstrator in partnership with Collins Aerospace. The demonstrator targets a 30% improvement in fuel efficiency, a key part of the company’s roadmap for enabling more sustainable aviation, with the potential to enhance efficiency across many future aircraft applications.

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The PW127XT engine series is revealed at the Dubai Air Show in November 2021. The new standard engine for the ATR 72 and 42 aircraft, the engine offers 40% extended time on wing, 20% lower maintenance costs, and 3% improvement in fuel efficiency over regional jets in the same seat category.

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